Hervé Mathieu

  • Organization: Inria
  • Research Unit: Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
  • Phone : (33)5 24 57 40 65
  • Head of the Experimentation and Software Development Support Department (SED)
  • Email : herve DOT mathieu AT inria DOT fr

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Milestones in my career
* 2017: Member of the group task in charge of installing InriaTech in Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest.
* 2011: Head of the Information Technology department for 2 years (still holding the Dévelopment department lead).
* 2009: Head of the Development and Experimentation Department at the Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest centre (SED).
* January 2009: Updated version: cours sur l'acquisition d'images.
* 2007: Co-founder of the company 4D View Solutions
* 2005-2007: Work done on the GrImage experimental platform AND the optical tracker technologies. The result of this study is the CYCLOPE optical tracker, (a priori) the first single camera based 6 Dof tracker on the market. It is commercialized by the IMMERSION company.
* 2003: InriaTechnical report about a new approach for sensor devices: Wireless Sensor based on Bluetooth Technology.
* 2002: A sabbatical year at The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore - Maryland - USA). Some details ....
* 2000: A Biped Robot was designed. It is a human-like robot with 15 motorized DOF. This robot provides an experimental platform to study the human walk.
* 1998&1999: I work on an Intelligent Vehicle named the Cycab. An industrial transfer of this prototype was done. The Cycab is now marketed by Robosoft.
* 1995: Design of a mirror-based device for stereo vision applications. It provides stereo vision with only one video camera. (A picture of the device.)
* 1993: Software development: A dense correlation algorithm embedded on a mobile robot (the ROBUTER marketed by the Robosoft Company). We designed an experiment, merging information from stereo vision and inertial cues. I presented the experiment at IROS'93 in Yokohama (Japan). Watch this video demo (mpeg) of an outside experiment.
* 1991&1992: I designed a Multi-DSP96002 board. (technical report). I programmed on this board a dense correlation algorithm. It provides 256x256 dense correlation maps at one Hertz rate.
* 1988-1991: Co-design of the DMA (Depth and Motion Analysis) Machine. This machine provided token tracking and trinocular stereo vision at video frame rate.
* 1988-1995 Pictures of hardware designed during period 1988-1995.